New Members:

To become a new Lifetime Mailbox member, for security purposes, you must enter a CODE to prevent anyone else from changing your information. Your CODE must be something you won't forget. It must be a combination of exactly eight characters. They should be letters and numbers.

We suggest you use the first four letters of your mother's maiden name and the first four numbers of your social security number. (This suggestion will remain here to remind you in case you use this particular combination of characters.)

To be sure that everyone has a unique CODE, please enter the CODE that you would like to use in the "form" at the bottom of the page and click on the "Validate User Code" tab. If someone else already has that specific CODE, it will say "This CODE is in use" and you must pick another CODE. If nobody else has already picked that specific CODE, it will say "This CODE may be used!" and that CODE will automatically be placed in the "form" marked Address Information which is located below.

Then, you just complete the rest of the "form" and click on the Submit tab and "Congratulations" - you're a Lifetime Mailbox member!

Current Members:

Whenever you want to update your information, you simply enter your CODE and your new information and press the SUBMIT button and your new information will be updated instantly!

Address Information:

User Code:
Note: Putting information in the box above is optional. The information that you type in the box will be displayed when a person looks at your information but it will not be printed on the membership cards. It is not used when someone searches for an existing member's information. If you wish, you may put your telephone number or e-mail address etc. in the box so your friends can contact you even faster!

Type the CODE that you would like to use in the box below to determine if it is available for you to use or if it has already been assigned to another Lifetime Mailbox member.

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