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Lifetime Mailbox will allow anyone, who has a copy of your membership card, to find your current address, no matter how many times you move during the rest of your life and it's FREE! This service is especially useful for Military Personnel, High School and College Students.

Lifetime Mailbox was initially designed for our military personnel as a very small favor for the men and women, who risk their lives to protect our freedom. wanted to help them to keep "in touch" with each other for the rest of their lives.

A special "thanks" goes to my father and his five brothers who all served in World War 2.

Lifetime Mailbox has proven to be so useful that we decided to offer it to everyone but, since we don't advertise, the only people who know about it are the ones we choose to personally offer it to!

Lifetime Mailbox is very useful to help locate former students for class reunions! Simply have each classmate become a Lifetime Mailbox member and your next reunion will be a great success. (The reunion committee will appreciate it the most!)

Dr. Richard D. Smith
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How Lifetime Mailbox works!

To become a Lifetime Mailbox member, simply fill out the "Initial Name and Address" box on the following page and press the SUBMIT button and you're a member. It's that easy! Remember, there will never be a charge to anyone for this service!

We will provide you with several typed membership cards. You can print them by clicking on the link marked: Your personal membership cards, which is located on the first page that you will be shown after you become a Lifetime Mailbox member.

Lifetime Mailbox members will give a copy of their membership card to every person that they want to keep in contact with in the future. When those people want to locate you, they will simply go to the internet and type into the address bar. That will take them to the Lifetime Mailbox website and then they type in the exact information, from your membership card, into the "form" and click on the Search Address tab and your latest address will be shown to them.

Whenever a Lifetime Mailbox member wants to update their address, they simply click on the "Go to Lifetime Mailbox Website now!" which is located at the bottom of this page and then follow the prompts!

At any time, should a member decide that they no longer want their information shown on Lifetime Mailbox, they can delete it by clicking on the Remove Entry which is located directly below their Name and Address.

If you are on the move and you don't have a permanent address, it doesn't matter because you can enter any address as long as that is the address you put on your membership card. (You may want to use your childhood home address etc.)

Go to Lifetime Mailbox Website now!

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